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Brethren, Sisters and Friends, 


May I welcome you to the Orange Institution’s programme of events and resources to mark the 330th Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne.


This year will be a different Twelfth; but just because our parades and gatherings are cancelled, does not mean that we cannot celebrate King William’s momentous victory.


Quite the opposite, our challenge is to ensure this Twelfth is marked in style; online, in your home, at your door, with families and neighbours. Together we can make it a fun-filled, extra-special - socially distanced 12th - that will be talked about for years.

This website seeks to support and resource the Boyne Anniversary Celebrations from 10-13 July.  There is something for everyone: craft and colouring pages for the young and recipes for your 11th night Barbecue.


The pop-up 'Radio Boyne' will be broadcasting online over the four days, ensuring our traditional tunes get an airing, alongside informative programmes on our heritage and history. A Boyne Anniversary Church Service will be broadcast on YouTube on Sunday the 12th. These and many other contributions, along with your enthusiasm and support will truly make the 2020 12th at Home, one to remember. 

So begin by planning to suitably decorate your home, street, village or town - fly the flag, proudly and respectfully. Encourage children and grandchildren to watch our craft videos and create Orange Lilies and bunting or brush up your history by reading about William’s Generals. 

However, during our celebrations let us be mindful that the priority in 2020 is to look after everyone’s health this Twelfth as we continue the battle against Coronavirus. Please ensure you comply with the lockdown regulations in existence over the period. 

New plans, ideas, events and activities will be added weekly, so please check the site frequently to ensure you do not miss out on the latest plans.


May we all have a Glorious Twelfth wherever we are;


Harold Henning

Deputy Grand Master


10 - 13 July

This year our celebrations and commemorations will be different to our traditional 12th events, as the priority must be to stop the spread of Coronavirus. However, over the four day period 10th to 13th July we are providing a timetable of events and resources that will ensure, the colour, pageantry music and essence of our 12th celebrations can still be enjoyed by all,  including - 11th Night Barbecue  - Boyne Anniversary Church Service - Tunes of the 12th & more. There is something for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest to ensure we Remember 1690.


Radio Boyne: Listen Again

Listen again to Radio Boyne programmes and content

The Orange Institution’s pop up radio station - Radio Boyne - was live between 10th and 13th of July 2020.


As part of this initiative, a number of special audio broadcasts were produced.


These included programming featuring traditional tunes, popular songs and hymns alongside heritage, history and information programmes which provided easy listening and set the scene for the big day.

Some of these are now available for you to listen again online.


Videos, recipes and resources to help you celebrate at home

In order to prepare for the big day, we have provided a range of activities to enjoy. A series of craft videos aimed at the young and not so young, how to make Orange Lilies, Bunting, an Orange Arch & more. There are colouring-in pages to be downloaded and puzzles to be completed. Barbecue and baking recipes will be placed online over the coming weeks to try out at our celebrations. Why not bake a cake for your 12th Day picnic at home?


History & Context

Without the Battle, there would be no 12th celebrations. Take time during 'lockdown' to learn what was so important about King William’s victory that we still celebrate it 330 years later. Meet the key people involved. Other than win a Battle, what did William do during his short time in Ireland? Follow his journey from Carrickfergus to the Boyne and beyond.


Images of Celebrations past and present

Marvel at the parades of yesteryear, admire the homemade crafts, explore the painted banners and see how the 2020 12th at Home was celebrated by the Orange Family.  Please send photos of previous Twelfth of July parades with details of the year the image was taken and your lodge banner to

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