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Boyne Anniversary Celebrations

This year our celebrations and commemorations will be different to our traditional Twelfth events, as the priority must be to stop the spread of Coronavirus. However, over the four day period 10th to 13th July we are providing a timetable of events and resources that will ensure the colour, pageantry, music and essence of our Twelfth celebrations can still be enjoyed. Events include: Eleventh Night Barbecue, Boyne Anniversary Church Service, Tunes of the Twelfth and more. There is something for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, to ensure we 'Remember 1690'.


Friday 10 July

Traditionally, a day for preparing for the celebrations, baking and shopping for the Twelfth. Normally a day to polish the shoes, iron the white shirt or make sure the band uniform is picked up from the dry cleaners.

11AM: Radio Boyne goes Live

Our new Online Radio schedule goes live from 11AM today


Saturday 11 July

Normally, a day when some areas welcome Brethren, Sisters and bands from Scotland. Traditionally, a time of final preparations for the big day: for some an early night, for others, a later evening as they watch the embers fade at traditional bonfires.

11AM - 9PM: Radio Boyne

Live-stream from our online radio station

2PM - 4PM: 'Hands across the Sea'

Take time to ring, text or email friends who would normally join us ‘For singing and for dancing’, and wish them a 'Happy Twelfth' wherever they will be this year. 

5PM - 9PM: '11th Night Barbecue'

Traditional bonfires attract large crowds, but during this pandemic, we’ll forgo this tradition to help protect against the spread of Covid-19. This year, celebrate at home, with those who are permitted to join and party with you.


Sunday 12 July

Boyne Anniversary Services are held annually on the Sunday prior to the Twelfth Day. Some Lodges are planning drive-in church services today, guidance notes for such events can obtained by contacting 'Schomberg House'. 

11AM - 9PM: Radio Boyne

Live-stream from our online radio station

3PM: Boyne Anniversary Divine Service

A Boyne Anniversary Divine Service, led by the Grand Chaplains will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.


Monday 13 July

The 330th Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne celebrations this year will take place without our traditional parades. Lodges are planning to mark the occasion in many different and innovative ways. However it is celebrated, social distancing needs to be practiced and existing 'lockdown' regulations complied with.

8AM - 9.30AM: Traditional Ulster Fry

Start your day with a traditional Ulster Fry at home. A video demonstration of what makes a great fry, with a guest chef, will be will be available on this site from 2nd July.

9.30AM - 9PM: Radio Boyne

Live-Stream from our online radio station

10AM - 12 Noon: Acts of Remembrance

Local Acts of Remembrance by Lodges. A suggested Order of Service will be available on this site from 6th July - including a specially written prayer by the Grand Chaplains.

12.30PM - 3PM: 'Tunes of the Twelfth'

Traditional tunes played online at Radio Boyne or if appropriate, by individuals or small groups of band members bringing the sounds of the Twelfth to your door. As there are no parades, stay at home and listen to the skirl of the pipes, the thunder of the Lambeg drums and the sound of silver, flute or accordion bands. 

3PM - 3.30PM: 'Platform Proceedings'

‘Platform Proceedings’ hosted by Grand Lodge, including the traditional resolutions on Faith, Loyalty and The State will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.

3.30PM - 6PM: 'Orange Picnic'

Replace the tea and sandwiches in the Field with a family picnic at home. Sample the home baking resulting from recipes available on this site. 

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