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The Orange Institution is a membership organisation comprised of Protestants who are committed to the protection of the principles of the Protestant Reformation and the Glorious Revolution of 1688 which enshrined civil and religious liberty for all. Our members  celebrate these principles publicly through our annual colourful parades.


Early Orange Societies celebrated King William III's victories from the early 1700s, however the Orange Institution was not formed until 1795 following the 'Battle of the Diamond', near Loughgall, where local Protestants had joined together to successfully defend their homes from hostile attacks.


Membership is open to adult males who subscribe to the principles of the reformed Protestant faith. Separate Ladies and Junior Associations also make up part of the wider 'Orange family'.


Orangeism is not just found in Ireland. Lodges can be found in countries right around the world including England, Scotland, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and in West Africa.


Today, the core values and actions of Orangeism include:

  • Promotion of the Protestant faith

  • Maintenance of the Union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Fraternal relations and mutual support

  • Religious tolerance and respect

  • Service to the Crown

  • Civic duty and responsibility

  • Resourcing, facilitating and delivering community capacity

  • Charitable support for good causes

  • Benevolence to our widows and orphans

  • Historical and Cultural research and preservation

Find Out More?

Contact the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland headquarters at Schomberg House or visit the Museums of Orange Heritage in Belfast and Loughgall. These new facilities tell the story of Orangeism through the ages as well as hosting relevant temporary exhibitions. Both have café and gift shop facilities and can accommodate individual, family or group visits.

Join Us?

The Orange Institution is always keen to welcome new members who share our beliefs, principles and vision. Every member belongs to an individual Lodge, and with over 1,000 Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, there's bound to be one near you.

If you'd like to find out more about becoming a member, just speak to an existing member or get in touch

via any of the contacts below:

Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland

'Schomberg House'

368 Cregagh Road



028 9070 1122

GL Logo new (002).png

Fraternal Organisation

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