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Brethren, Sisters and Friends, 


May I welcome you to the Orange Institution’s page detailing the parades which will take place this year to mark the 331st Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne.


Once again it will be a different Twelfth of July; but our focus very much remains on celebrating King William’s momentous victory.

Last year we had the Twelfth at Home as the Orange Family played its part in a very different battle – the battle against Covid-19.


This year we will celebrate the Twelfth near home. There will be around 100 demonstrations at locations all across Northern Ireland. They will be smaller than usual, as district parades are necessary to ensure we meet the restrictions that are in place at this stage.


In this Northern Ireland’s CentenNIal year, it is perhaps more important than ever that we are parading with our brethren, bands and supporters.


2021 must be viewed as a stepping-stone on the road to normality. Come 2022 it is our great hope that Covid-19 will be under control, and our parades will be held as normal.

This website seeks to help provide some guidance to where parades are taking place and they are listed below on a county-by-county basis.


I trust you will all continue to help in the fight against Covid-19 by respecting the health guidelines of social distancing, washing your hands regularly and wearing a face covering where required.


I would like to conclude by wishing you all a safe and glorious Twelfth, wherever you are celebrating it.


Edward Stevenson

Grand Master

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Co. Antrim Circle.png

County Antrim

To view a list of demonstrations in Co Antrim click the map

County Antrim will play host to no less than 22 Twelfth of July demonstrations. Venues include Ballymena, Antrim and Lisburn.

Co. Armagh Circle.png

To view a list of demonstrations in Co Armagh click the map

There will be nine different venues hosting demonstrations in County Armagh this year, including Armagh City, Portadown and the village of Loughgall.

Belfast County Circle.png

Belfast County

To view a list of demonstrations in Belfast click the map

It's all change in the City for this Twelfth of July as a number of the Belfast Districts are parading in their own areas. This is for one year only as the traditional parade will return in 2022.

City of Londonderry Circle.png

City of Londonderry

To view a list of demonstrations in Londonderry click the map

There will be three parades for lodges belonging to City of Londonderry Grand Lodge.

Co. Down Circle.png

County Down

To view a list of demonstrations in Co Down click the map

County Down will be one of the busiest areas as it plays host to 18 different Twelfth parades this year.

Co. Fermanagh Circle.png

County Fermanagh

To view a list of demonstrations in Co Fermanagh click the map

The Brethren in County Fermanagh will be parading at seven different venues this year, including Enniskillen.

Co. Londonderry Circle.png

County Londonderry

To view a list of demonstrations in Co Londonderry click the map

This year County Londonderry will host Twelfth of July parades at 11 venues, including Coleraine and Limavady.

Co. Tyrone Circle.png

County Tyrone

To view a list of demonstrations in Co Tyrone click the map

Tyrone promises to be another busy county with each of the 15 member Districts holding its own parade.

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The Resolutions

To view this year's resolutions click the image

Each year the Orange Institution has three resolutions - The Faith, Loyalty and The State.

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