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Jesus washes the feet of his disciples

John Chapter 13, verses 1 - 17.

Today is sometimes called Maundy Thursday, and is associated with Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. We learn at least three things from the passage mentioned above.

First - We each need a big bath. All of us are stained and polluted by sin. Therefore each one needs to repent and call upon the Lord Jesus Christ for cleansing. Jesus says in verse 8, "Unless I wash you, you have no part with me." Have you pleaded with the Lord to wash you?

Secondly - Those of us who have had the big bath need to daily confess our sins to the Lord and be cleansed of those sins we have committed along the way. Martin Luther used to describe the Christian as "simul iustus et peccator" - "simultaneously justified and a sinner." Because we are always sinners we need to confess often, because we are believers in Christ we can always claim cleansing. That's why Jesus says in verse 10, "A person who has had a bath needs only to wash his feet; his whole body is clean."

Thirdly - We see here an example of humble service. Jesus was prepared to stoop down and wash the dirty feet of His disciples. As Christians, you and I must be prepared to stoop and bend and serve others in His name, and for His sake and glory. Jesus says, "I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you...Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them." (verses 15,17)

Suggested hymn for further meditation:

"Meekness and majesty; manhood and deity,

in perfect harmony, the man who is God:

Lord of eternity, dwells in humanity,

kneels in humility and washes our feet." (verse 1)

By Wor. Bro. Rev. Alastair Smyth, Grand Chaplain


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