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Institution opposes Secretary of State's intervention in devolved administration

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland opposes the steps currently being taken by the Secretary of State Brandon Lewis MP to override the powers of the devolved administration in Northern Ireland.

The Secretary of State’s decision to intervene and force through abortion laws here in Northern Ireland – without the consent of the Executive at Stormont – does nothing more than further undermine our confidence in the political system at this time.

This brings further frustration given that devolution is clearly being set aside on this moral issue, yet our calls for Government action on other key issues have fallen on deaf ears. This crass action feeds into increasing political instability in Northern Ireland.

As an Institution founded on Christian principles, the Orange Institution believes in the sanctity of human life and the personhood of the individual in the eyes of God from the moment of conception. The right to life is a fundamental human right which must be protected.

The actions of the NIO undermine devolution and the mandate of our locally elected politicians, many of whom are committed to protecting the fundamental right to life in opposing the proposed abortion legislation.



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