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Orange Institution alarmed that councils are complicit in delivering aspects of NI Protocol

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has said news that local councils are complicit in delivering aspects of the Northern Ireland Protocol is alarming in the extreme.

The Orange Institution reiterates its opposition to the Protocol, which if left in place will continue to damage the integrity of the Union, both economically and constitutionally. The seriousness of the damage the Protocol can do to Northern Ireland’s place within the United Kingdom cannot be overstated.

We therefore call on all elected Unionist representatives to do all within their power to halt any council policy or contact that gives succour to the Protocol in any shape or form.

It must be the aim of every Unionist - elected and unelected - to oppose and frustrate the Protocol by any lawful means.

The campaign against the Protocol must make clear to the Prime Minister that we will not accept any interference in the internal United Kingdom market, nor will we be subject to any laws implemented by a foreign power.

The opposition to the Protocol is strengthening and the consequences of inaction becoming clearer as every day passes.



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