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Grand Orange Lodge welcomes new victims led proposals

The Grand Orange Lodge has welcomed the publication of new proposals by victim’s coalition ‘Innocent Victims United’. The Institution’s Chief Executive Iain Carlisle made the comments in response to the recent document produced as an alternative way forward for the controversial legacy proposals contained in the Stormont House document.

“The position of the Orange Institution is well documented regarding our concerns around the legacy proposals contained in the 2014 Stormont House Agreement,” said Mr Carlisle. “The structures and mechanisms outlined in that document are, in our view, unworkable, unjust and unlikely to deliver justice for the families of those murdered by terrorists. They do however provide a range of opportunities for those determined to castigate the name of our security forces, many of whom paid a high price in their efforts to defend all sections of our community.

“The recent commitment to ‘fast track’ these unsavoury proposals in the New Decade, New Approach document further highlights the lack of meaningful engagement with, or empathy for, innocent victims and families. Therefore, the new initiatives produced by Innocent Victims United must be welcomed and we would appeal to the UK and Irish Governments to give the proposals their utmost consideration as a measured and equitable alternative way forward.”

Mr Carlisle added: “Recent suggestions to permanently close over 2000 cases effectively introduces an amnesty which offers protection for perpetrators but extinguishes any hope of truth and justice for those who have been wronged.”

The Institution notes and welcomes the fact that Unionist politicians are united in their support for the serious consideration of these alternative proposals.



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