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The strength of opposition to the Northern Ireland Protocol is regularly downplayed and at times simply ignored.


The Orange Institution aims to facilitate a clear statement from Unionism which reiterates their resolute opposition to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

It is also designed to offer clear support to the Unionist leaders who issued their joint declaration against the NI Protocol on Ulster Day, 28th September 2021.

There are three core reasons why people should be opposed to the Protocol:

  • It makes Northern Ireland a place apart within the United Kingdom – we are not treated as equal citizens of the UK.

  • It will leave Northern Ireland citizens subject to laws made by Europe, and therefore subject to European Courts. This clearly undermines the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

  • It is delivering an all-Ireland economy. Trade with the Republic of Ireland has grown significantly due to the ever-increasing difficulties of sourcing goods from the United Kingdom.

We want to show the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the European leaders that the overwhelmingly majority of Unionists are opposed to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The anti-Protocol Declaration states:

APD - Wording.png

To add your signature to the anti-Protocol Declaration digitally click this link:

You can download an anti-Protocol Declaration sheet by clicking the image to the right - this can then be printed and distributed as required.

These should be returned to Schomberg House, 368 Cregagh Road, Belfast, BT6 9EY

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You can view the Unionist political leaders video opposing the

Northern Ireland Protocol below.

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