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The Ulster Tales captures the lives and experiences of ten individuals from mainland Britain who found themselves caught up in the Northern Irish Troubles. Each has a very distinct story to tell according to their role and position. The first 'tale' is that of Simon Hoggart, The Guardian journalist who reported in Belfast and Londonderry from the outset. The military angle is covered by the GOC at a critical moment (General Sir Richard Lawson), a young soldier in The Green Howards from Barnsley and by Anne Blair, who was widowed at Warrenpoint. A member of MI5 and a key source handler represent the Intelligence effort. The political perspective is given by Tom King, the Secretary of State at the time of the Anglo-Irish Agreement, who narrowly avoided assassination. We hear of the role of a top civil servant, Sir John Blelloch closely connected with the 1981 Hunger Strike. The Policeman's Tale is that of a young Met officer who transferred to the RUC and nearly became Chief Constable.Through the experiences of these ten, very different individuals, the momentous events in the Province are graphically described. Thanks to the Author's exceptional knowledge and access, the reader gains a unique and privileged insight into thepolitical, military and industrial aspects of this troubled period.As well as being a tribute to those who dedicated their lives to the fight against terrorism, The Ulster Tales is an original and interesting way of gaining a better understanding of the ever complex Northern Ireland situation.

The Ulster Tales - A Tribute To Those Who Served 1969-2000

SKU: 9781526781758
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