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When hopelessness in life and when facing death prevails, the Gospel is urgently needed. John 3:16 captures the message of the whole Bible and sets before us God’s way of dealing both with His wrath and our sin and guilt.


This book captures the heart of the Gospel. It explains John 3:16 in a way that makes sense as it draws out its essential meaning. This verse is about what God has done to ‘take away the sin of the world.’


Dr Lynch explains and applies the meaning of God’s love, the world, gave, only begotten Son, whoever, believe, perish, eternal life. J. C. Ryle said there are no more important six words than ‘For God so loved the world.’ Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones quoted this verse frequently in his evangelistic sermons.


God’s Amazing Love has a timeless message that will set your heart ablaze with love for Christ and a desire to reach the lost for Him.

God's Amazing Love

SKU: 9781649603999
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