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William III and the War in Ireland in Twelve Objects: 9. Flag Fragment

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Inside this round wooden frame is a small fragment of a regimental flag that flew over Londonderry during the Siege. If you look closely at the image, you will be able to make out some shamrocks that were part of a larger design.

The Siege of Londonderry began on 1 August 1689 and lasted 105 days. This was one of the most strategic engagements of the Williamite and Jacobite War in Ireland.

As the recently deposed King James II landed in Ireland to retake his throne, his aim was clear – advance as quickly as possible across the island, gathering supporters and capturing deep water ports so that he could transport his army and supplies to Scotland. By doing this he would link up with a Jacobite Highland army under the command of James Graham of Claverhouse. By holding out against the Jacobite army, the garrison and citizenry of Londonderry would be immortalised in Orange and Loyalist history.

The Siege was eventually lifted on 28 July 1689. James had failed to capture a deep-water port and was, therefore, trapped in Ireland.


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