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William III and the War in Ireland in Twelve Objects: 6. Paymasters General Book of Accounts

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

This leather-bound item dates from 1690 and contains details of payments made to soldiers, spies and suppliers associated with the Williamite war effort in Ireland.

The original is on permanent loan to the museum from Belfast City Council.

This volume was compiled by the Joint Paymasters of William’s army in Ireland, Charles Fox and Thomas Coningsby. It provides the reader with an insight into the requirements of late Seventeenth Century warfare. There are lists of suppliers and loyal addresses from landed figures and prominent clergy.

The book also reflects the European nature of William’s army with lists of French, Dutch and Danish troops and, significantly, names of those who were providing secret intelligence or spying on the enemy.

The volume includes over 1,400 surnames. Many of these surnames are still common in Northern Ireland, held by the descents of soldiers who stayed after the war or were granted land.


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