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Somme Stories - Scotland

Lance Corporal Thomas Clements

Thomas Clements was a member of LOL No. 165, Clydebank. He is reported as having been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry certificate of the Ulster Division for good work during a raid on the German trenches on 16 - 17 November 1916.

Private David McPherson

David McPherson from Fettes College was a member of LOL No. 52, Edinburgh District 5. He served with the 10th Battalion (Lovat Scouts) The Cameron Highlanders.

McPherson’s letter was printed in The Orange Standard, July 1916:

Bro. David McPherson, of the 5th Camerons Machine Gun Section, France, writes to say that he has met several brothers in the Camerons, and that they are arranging to celebrate the glorious 12th in the “good old way”, if God in His mercy spares them, and he appeals for some Orange Ribbon. Bro. and Sis. Clark of Edinburgh, have promised to send them not only the ribbon, but medallions of William III for each Bro. The brethren spent their spare time together – learning perfectly the lectures.

Sergeant Arthur Stanley Reid

Arthur Stanley Reid served with the 15th (Edinburgh) Battalion, Royal Scots.

The unit went over the top at 7.30am on 1 July 1916 to be met with a hail of machine gun bullets. They made such good progress that they were left isolated and had to withdraw after dark, leaving behind the body of Arthur Stanley Reid.

Reid was a Classics Master at Motherwell Higher Grade School and had been a member of LOL No. 98, Edinburgh District.


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