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Prayers and support for Australia

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland is helping the membership to send much-needed support to those affected by the bush fires in Australia.

This follows correspondence between Grand Master Edward Stevenson and representatives of the Grand Orange Lodge of Australia, offering prayers, sympathy and any practical support possible at this very difficult time.

The Grand Orange Lodge of Australia has set up a disaster relief fund to help those affected and the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland is facilitating its brethren and sisters to contribute to the fund.

Grand Master Edward Stevenson said: “The bush fires that have been ravaging parts of Australia are the worst ever experienced. They have been going on for months and have resulted in the loss of life and property.

“Grand Lodge of Australia has organised a disaster relief fund and we are very keen to make a contribution that would be used to assist those directly affected by the wildfire crisis.”

Any lodges or individual members who wish to make a donation can do so by sending it to Schomberg House, 368 Cregagh Road, Belfast, BT6 9EY. All donations should be clearly marked for the Australian Bushfire Disaster Fund with cheques made payable to the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

The Grand Master added: “Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland continues to send its prayers to the brethren and sisters in Australia at this very difficult time.”



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