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Orange Parade in memory of UDR soldiers

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

A memorial parade and service of remembrance took place in Belfast today to mark the murder of two young UDR soldiers who were also members of the Orange Institution.

This year the event, which is often regarded as the first major parade of the year, marks the 34th anniversary.

Frederick Starrett and James Cummings, both 22, were killed by an IRA booby-trap device as they arrived to close the security gates on Royal Avenue on February 24, 1988. Both soldiers were members of lodges in Ballymacarrett No. 6 District; Banner of the Cross LOL 1310 and Johnston's Golden Star LOL 1934 respectively.

The parade, organised by Ulster Defenders of the Realm LOL 710, included a wreath-laying ceremony at the scene of the atrocity and a service of remembrance.

During the service a new banner for LOL 710 was unfurled.

Senior Orangemen in attendance included Deputy Grand Master Harold Henning, Grand Secretary Rev. Mervyn Gibson and Spencer Beattie, County Grand Master of the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast.

The parade was accompanied four bands - Pride of the Raven Flute, Millar Memorial Flute, Legananny Accordion and Lisburn Young Defenders Flute.



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