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Orange Institution welcomes unionist action in opposition to the NI Protocol

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has welcomed the steps taken in the past 24 hours by unionist politicians in opposition to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

While it is regrettable that it has necessitated the resignation of First Minister Paul Givan MLA, and the issue of an instruction to cease Sea Border checks at ports by Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots MLA, these can only be viewed as an inevitable consequence of the failure to date of negotiations to remove the Northern Ireland Protocol.

It is hoped that through these actions, the UK Government and EU representatives will finally recognise, and move to resolve, the very serious concerns held by unionists.

While there remains much still to do, all unionists who have been united in their opposition to the NI Protocol are to be commended. This includes those involved legal actions against the Protocol; those who participated in peaceful protests; signed the anti-Protocol Declaration and the leaders of political unionism who have all remained resolutely opposed to the arrangements which make have undermined the economic and constitutional position of Northern Ireland.

Collectively, Unionists need to see Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom restored, with unfettered access for all goods moving within the UK’s internal market – as well as the removal of the powers of foreign courts and legislatures in the affairs of Northern Ireland.



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