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Orange Institution rules out engagement with Shared Island Unit

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has ruled out further engagement with the Shared Island Unit.

This development comes as anger continues to grow among unionists at the Northern Ireland Protocol.

In a letter to the Taoiseach, the Institution explained: "The current situation regarding the ‘Protocol’ has, in our opinion, fundamentally damaged relations between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The attitude, actions and words of members of the Irish Government have shown scant regard for the views of the Unionist community in Northern Ireland and an extremely selective regard for the workings of the Belfast Agreement."

"The Orange family will not play any part in a process that masquerades as two neighbouring jurisdictions improving relationships for the benefit of both countries when in reality, the predetermined outcome of the initiative is normalise and ‘talk up’ the inevitability of a United Ireland. The Irish Government’s attitude in recent times has shown that they have no regard for the Unionist community in Northern Ireland who they view as collateral damage in their political strategy."


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