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News: Hate Crime Attacks on Orange Culture

A number of incidents at properties owned by the Orange Institution in recent days have caused a sense of disappointment and frustration amongst members according to the Institution’s Chief Executive, Iain Carlisle.

The Union flag flown from Listullycurran Orange Hall near Dromore, County Down was lowered and burnt last weekend. A flag was also taken down and burnt at the nearby home of a local District Officer.

A few days earlier, flags were removed and burnt at Glenanne Orange Hall in South Armagh.

In Londonderry, a banner supporting NHS staff and essential workers was removed from a memorial garden in Newbuildings and was later burnt on a Republican bonfire in Galliagh.

Mr Carlisle stated: “In a year where many people, across the entire community, have recognised the hundreds of charitable projects carried out by our members and praised the civic leadership shown by the Orange family, it is deeply disappointing that there are still those in society who seek to attack and destroy our property and cultural traditions.”

He added, “Sadly these are not isolated incidents; there have been several attacks on Orange Halls since the commencement of Lockdown, the issue of security at our properties is one we will be reviewing and raising with the PSNI.”

Note: Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, there have been over 500 attacks on Orange Halls and property.



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