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Let the CentenNIal celebrations begin!

In 2021 the CentenNIal will come.

Let us welcome it in, to the beat of the drum.

Or maybe a tune on the pipes you’ll hear.

As the clocks strike 12 and its Happy New Year!

A lot of excitement has been generated by the Orange Institution’s plans to celebrate the Centenary of Northern Ireland in 2021.

However, to get the celebrations started on New Year’s Eve, why not plan to mark the beginning of Northern Ireland’s CentenNIal celebrations to the beat of a Lambeg drum or the skirl of the pipes?

This has the potential to create a tremendous spectacle of music right across the province.

For anyone planning a New Year’s Eve event, it is advised that locations should be chosen with careful consideration and images and videos posted on social media for all to enjoy. Furthermore, all Covid-19 restrictions in place at that time should be observed fully and without exception.


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