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Institution welcomes joint Unionist declaration opposing the NI Protocol

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland welcomes the announcement by Unionism’s political leaders that they, and their parties, remain resolutely committed to opposing the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Orange family stands foursquare with them in their opposition.

Unionism has repeatedly made its position clear through meetings, rallies, statements, and interviews that we will not allow our Sovereignty to be diminished nor our cherished position as equal citizens within the United Kingdom eroded.

There have been seemingly endless negotiations and diplomacy over nine months to address the concerns around the Protocol - but to no avail. The EU is clearly not prepared to listen.

It is now time for our Government to act without further procrastination, which has to date simply pushed the problem down the road. The situation requires clear, immediate and decisive action.

In light of the united and determined Unionist rejection of the current arrangements, we implore our Prime Minister Boris Johnson to act now in the interests of the entire United Kingdom and rid us of this wholly unsatisfactory Protocol.



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