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Institution criticises latest legacy developments

The Orange Institution has added its support to the growing frustration and anger voiced by the families of innocent victims following the revelations concerning secret talks at Lambeth Palace.

A spokesman said: “Sadly, the innocent victim’s sector has been ignored by those who organised these talks. This organisation has publicly voiced its disapproval regarding the legacy related content of the Stormont House Agreement. No new secret process to revive those proposals will make them any more palatable to our community.

“339 members of the Orange family were murdered at the hands of terrorists – a sobering statistic equating to 10% of all those who died in the period now somewhat benignly referred to as ‘the troubles.’ This latest news is a further insult to those left behind – the true victims, whose voice and wishes should be central to any initiative to bring justice and truth around the death of their loved ones.

The Memorial Window at Schomberg House

“These talks bring further hurt and disbelief to many families throughout Northern Ireland. As we prepare for Christmas, countless local church pews and family dinner tables will have an empty seat - each one serving as an ever-present reminder of community and family tragedies.

“Any process which does not fundamentally address and stop the ongoing attempts to create equivalence between victim and victim-maker, will not command the confidence of those who have been most affected by, and who have been left to deal with, the legacy of terrorism.”

The spokesman added: “Reconciliation requires truth and justice – but above all, meaningful reconciliation can only begin when there is a full and sincere admission by those involved in the terror campaign that their actions were criminally and morally wrong and wholly unjustified.”


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