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Grand Lodge prepares to kick-off online FIFA Tournament

In these uncertain times, one of the most challenging things for people, young and old, is coping with the boredom and managing to fill their days in the absence of their normal routine.

One aspect that affects a huge amount of people is the complete absence of sport - both for active participation and watching.

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland is hoping it can help fill that gap - with some online football!

Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland Youth Development Officer, Bro. Gary McAllister explained: “FIFA 20 is probably one of the most played games across all gaming platforms and with everyone being asked to self-isolated I’m sure a lot more people are finding more time to play,” said Gary.

“This tournament will give players a chance to step back from the challenges facing us for a short time and allow them to immerse themselves in one of their favourite pastimes.

“It’s important for people to have something positive to look forward to and engage in during these difficult times and this is an excellent opportunity to do just that.

“E-sports is one of the biggest sports in the world due to the accessibility and success of titles such as FIFA and Call of Duty, and this is just another way for us as an institution to reach out to our younger people and provide opportunities for them to engage with each other in positive ways and grow our network for future initiatives.”

The tournament will be running across both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms with a winner from each console being crowned on May Day (4th May) and receiving some excellent prizes for their success.

It is hoped to have a selection of games live streamed to allow our followers to watch some live e-sport and see who the ultimate FIFA champion is.

Players can register for the tournament by going to up until 3pm on Friday 17th April with the tournament kicking off on Monday 20th April culminating in a live finals’ day on the May Day Bank Holiday, Monday 4th May.


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