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Five tips to look after your mental health

Here are some tips to help you look after your mental health during this current situation.


Connect with the people around you. We are all in this together. Keep in touch with family, friends, colleagues or neighbours through calls, text or video links like FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype. Arrange a daily telephone call, especially with those who may be at home alone.

Be active

Exercising makes us feel good mentally and physically. We have to be a little creative in our new situation. Gardening or housework count as physical activity. Maybe try an online exercise video.

Take notice

Stop, pause and take a moment to be still and look around you. Reduce your time watching the news and browsing social media. Let go of what none of us can control right now and focus on what you can control. Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and be kind to yourself. It is normal not to feel ‘normal’ during this time. Listen to gentle music or try relaxation apps and videos. Know that this is temporary and things will get better.

Keep learning

We are all learning how to do things differently for now; learning new ways of doing things and how to enjoy ourselves. Use this time for some discovery. Learning new things gives us a sense of achievement, increased confidence and enjoyment. Use this as an opportunity to teach your children new skills or maybe sign up to an online course.


We are all helping our community and our health service by staying at home. This is the greatest gift you can give right now.


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