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2020 ‘12th at Home’ hailed a great success

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Most Wor. Bro. Edward Stevenson, has declared the 2020 ‘12th at Home’ celebrations a “great success”.

Orange Order
Grand Master Edward Stevenson

He said: “The 330th anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne will be one we will never forget. We celebrated the occasion very differently this year with the 12th at Home and I am delighted to say it was a great success.

“The commitment of the Orange family to stay at home for the greater good of the entire community must be recognised. Normally, we estimate that up to half a million participants and spectators turn out on the Twelfth so the ability of the Institution to effectively implement its stay at home Twelfth should not be underestimated.

“We may not have had our traditional parades due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but this will be regarded as a great day for the Orange Institution. Coronavirus didn’t ruin our Twelfth – we adapted and celebrated it locally and at home.

“Covid-19 forced us to re-imagine the Twelfth of July for 2020 and the creativity shown by our members, their families and friends has been outstanding. I think there will be lessons learned as to how we could possibly add to and enhance next year’s Twelfth when, God willing, we return to our traditional parades and events.

“The Orange Family came together and marked the Twelfth of July at home with family, they listened to Radio Boyne in their thousands, and were entertained by bands playing in the street.

“I trust everyone had an enjoyable time and we look forward to a double celebration in 2021 with a return of our traditional Twelfth of July parades and the Northern Ireland Centenary celebrations.”


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