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Remembrance 2020: Our Murdered Brethren

At this time, we also reflect and remember the members of our Institution who lost their lives during the Troubles.

Some were members of the security forces, but many were members of the public going about their daily business.

Edmond R. L. Stewart, a member of the UDR, and his brother-in-law Stanley D. Arthur, both members of Boland LOL 375, were shot by the IRA at Dunamoney Road, Dungannon, on 29th of April, 1976, when they had gone to investigate cattle breaking out. Mr Arthur died a few days later on 3rd of May.

Brothers Robert and Thomas Dobson were murdered in their egg packing business when shot by IRA terrorists at the factory in Moy, County Tyrone on 17th of May 1976.

Both men were members of Drummond LOL 755.

Eighteen-year-old RUC officer William D. Brown, a member of Tullywhisker Border Guards LOL 1120, died after he was shot in an IRA ambush on his police patrol car near Ballagh, County Fermanagh, on 13th of March, 1977. He managed to drive his colleagues to safety and was posthumously awarded the Queens Gallantry Medal

Three members of the Orange Institution were among four RUC Officers murdered when the IRA detonated a 1000lb car bomb as their Land Rover past it at Millvale Road, Bessbrook, on 17th of April, 1979. They were Richard Allen Baird (28), a member of Terryhoogan Bible & Crown Defenders LOL 116; Robert Archibald Lockhart (44), a member of Belleek Bible & Crown Defenders LOL 528; and Noel Alexander Webb (30) a member of Corcreaney True Blues LOL 91. Both Richard Baird and Robert Lockhart were married with children.

Henry Livingstone (38), a member of Killylea True Blues LOL 360A, was shot by the IRA as he tended cattle on his farm at Cortynan, near his home in Tynan, County Tyrone, on 6th of March, 1980.

Charles David Neville, a 56-year-old married man with seven children, was murdered by the IRA in a grenade and gun attack on his car as he arrived for work as a caretaker with Armagh Technical College on 10th of November, 1981. He was a member of Mulintur LOL 150.

Norman Hanna (28) was shot by the IRA in front of his wife and 4 year old daughter as he arrived for work at the DOE Vehicle Testing Centre, Newry, on 11th of March, 1982. He was a member of Crieve Purple Star LOL 252.

On 17th of April, 1982, William John Morrison (42), a member of Breaghy LOL 311, was shot by the IRA while working in the yard of his farm at Kiltibrit, two miles from the Irish border near Middletown, County Armagh.

Charles Armstrong (54), Chairman of Armagh District Council, he was murdered by an IRA car bomb detonated as left a meeting at the Council Offices in Armagh on 14th of November, 1983. Mr Armstrong, a married father of six children, was a member of the Ulster Defence Regiment. He was a member of Lisnadill Guiding Star LOL 174.


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