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Commonwealth Day 2021

Like the Commonwealth of Nations, the Orange Institution is a Worldwide Family.

As the Empire grew during the Nineteenth Century so the Orange Tree set down roots in a variety of Countries.

One hundred years ago, as Northern Ireland was established, Orange Lodges were operating in some unusual places across what is now the Commonwealth – LOL Nos. 858, 873,877 and LLOL No. 122 were in Trinidad; LOL No. 615 was in Singapore; LOL No. 802 was in Hong Kong; LOL No. 801 was in Lagos (Nigeria); LOL Nos. 867 and 884 were operating in Togo; the Pride of Quittah LOL No. 891 was meeting in the Gold Coast and the Rising Sons of India LOL No. 899 were holding their meetings in the Wesleyan Church buildings, Sialkot India.

Lagos Fine Blues, LOL No. 801.


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